Celebrating a Milestone Birthday

We’ve both recently celebrated one of those milestone birthdays – the BIG 3-0! Whoop whoop!! So in case you, or someone close to you are in the same boat, we thought we’d share some ideas to make the milestone, or reaching the start of a new decade a little less daunting and instead an occasion to remember.

For the Party Queen (or King)

You love a good party, right? Well a milestone birthday is the perfect excuse to throw the ultimate one! A themed party is always a winner and helps to provide direction in terms of invitations, food and party décor. For something a little wilder, ask everyone to turn up in costume! Gail, our Owner and Manager, recently held an electric 80s costume party at home for her thirteth. With the invitation, she included a list of 80s costume ideas (less hassle for those attending = they’re more likely to dress up), and then for the party itself, she hired a food truck, DJ and face painter. While not the cheapest of options, it meant she could invite everyone, kids included, and no-one had jobs to do on the night. If you’re on a tighter budget however, get people to bring along drinks and plates to match your theme or snacks and a BBQ are always a failsafe option, for music, a pre-prepared playlist is all you need. If you’re not keen on having to clean up the next day, book a local hall, restaurant or bar and have an event coordinator sort all the particulars for you.

A Lavish Affair

Fine dining, superb wine, big florals, and an elegant atmosphere – sound dreamy to you? It does to us! Mark your special occasion with a lavish fine dining experience and a small to medium sized group of family and friends. Either book a private function or dining room at a local restaurant, or deck out your own home and call in professional caterers to whip up some amazing cuisine. Match any styling with existing décor in order to pull off a bold and elegant look or hire a stylist to jazz up the space for you.


Jetting off into the Sunset

Somewhere tranquil and secluded is calling? You’re not one for marking another year with even the smallest of groups let alone a big one, and you would prefer to celebrate making memories in new places. Then go ahead and treat yourself – book a ticket to that place you’ve always wanted to go, and go! Whether it be a solo retreat, a romantic getaway, or a girls (or guys) weekend trip. Make this milestone an adventure full of unforgettable moments.

That Something a Little Different

You want something to bring your close group together away from just any old gathering? Consider searching for events to align your milestone celebration with and whisk yourselves off to an elegant ball or that festival coming up. Organise a small group food and wine tour or a whole culinary experience with a full blown cooking class and dining experience. Whatever takes your fancy, your big day will be looked back on for many years to come.

Laid Back and Casual

I’m more of a laid back and casual kind of girl, (who could have just as easily jetted off somewhere I might add).  Perhaps the sun and the sound of the ocean, a casual picnic, a sizzling barbeque or sitting fire side sipping mulled wine, has your name written all over it? Gather together a small group of family and your closest friends and bring your ideal casual and quaint day, evening or weekend to life. You could head to one of your favourite places for an afternoon of relaxing and catching up on life before retreating to a holiday house, setting up a brazier, toasting marshmallows, sipping drinks, grazing at platters of nibbles and continuing endless conversation.


Whether you’re turning 18, 21, 30, 40 or 80, we say all those milestone years are a special occasion! Perhaps you’d rather run for the hills than turn another year older? The unfortunate thing is it’s going to happen. And we don’t get excuses to celebrate with those closest to us all that often in life so whether you’re up for an almighty shin dig or you’d prefer a laid back luxurious getaway with just your spouse in tow – make sure you do something, at least a little special, to mark the occasion! Leave it unorganised and you might just find yourself the centre of a surprise party…

♥ Amy & Gail.

Feature image: Sophie Timothy Photography via Ruffles and Bells
30th Themed Party: Suppied by Gail Konstanciak
Bold Florals: Duncan Innes via Gladdys Mack
Picnic with Friends: Hanke Arkenbout via Inspire Styling

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