The role of the modern bridesmaid

One of your true friends or a close relation is engaged and soon to marry the man or woman of her dreams. She’s asked the one and only you to be by her side on her wedding day. Exciting! Now, if you have never been a bridesmaid previously, it’s fair to say you might not have any idea where to start or what the heck being a bridesmaid actually involves. You needn’t worry, we’re here to help. Below you’ll find our key pointers on how to nail this newly acquired role as a modern bridesmaid.

  • Be there for the Bride – be on hand to comfort, support, console, offer laughter and spread copious amounts of joy throughout this wedded journey you’re on together.
  • Be attentive – this means, making yourself available when the bride-to-be needs someone to bounce ideas off, vent to, attend hair and makeup trials with, and when she wants your guidance and thoughts on all things wedding. Do this and everyone will stay sane! Trust us.
  • Shop for the dress – the bride might choose to go dress shopping with a select few (eg her mother, sister, and/or maid of honour) or she might choose to go the full hog and want everyone, including all of her bridesmaids there too. If she chooses the former, whatever you do, do not get offended! If she chooses the latter, do your bit to make it a special and fun occasion. You could even lighten the mood and get some laughter rolling with these “Ooh La La, Ohh No No” printable cards. Whether she realises it at the time or not, your bride-to-be will appreciate your support and honest feedback, while you bear in mind, she needs to be comfortable and completely in love with what she’s wearing on her big day.
  • Work as a team – if you don’t already know the other bridesmaids, it’s important to get to know them ASAP (hello long lunch)! You’ll all be experts on different parts of the bride-to-be’s personality so use each other’s strengths and have fun working together and supporting each other throughout. Remember, this isn’t a competition, and the bride will be forever grateful if you all just keep the peace.
  • Offer your assistance – everyone always underestimates the amount of work required to plan a wedding so there will quite literally be a million things to do. Be proactive and ask the bride what you can do to help. If you’re crafty, get your DIY-ing on, if you’re little miss organised, help the bride with planning some of the finer details, and if you’re a social media queen, get scouting Instagram and Pinterest for some inspiration the bride is bound to love. Whatever you do to help, it won’t go unnoticed.
  • Help plan a beautiful bridal shower and hens party – these days, the options are endless – but making sure you get it right is of utmost importance. Check out our “Tips for planning a hens party” blog post and you’ll be on your way to creating something perfect.
  • Provide a calming influence – help the bride stay calm in the lead up to and on the wedding day. Help her run all those little last-minute errands and assist in ticking off what’s left on the checklist.
  • Be useful before, during and after the wedding ceremony and reception – the big day has finally arrived and it’s all go-go-go. Today, it’s very important that you make sure the bride has everything she needs to avoid a tear-filled meltdown or bridezilla situation arising. There are countless ways you can ease the wedding day stress. Some suggestions include: making any last-minute phone calls on her behalf, having food and drink at the ready, moving furniture and clutter out the way for the photographer, holding her beautiful train or bouquet when needed, rounding up guests for photos, and even prompting guests to sign the wedding guest book. Remember throughout the day to use your initiative and check to make sure everything’s running smoothly. If something needs doing, subtly get onto it without making a big scene.
  • Be a trooper on the wedding day – no matter what, be gracious and thoughtful, it’s not your big day but that of your dear friend or relative so make sure you’re glowing for her no matter how stressful the ordeal might become.
  • And if you’re the Maid/Matron of Honour – you’re the first lady the bride will turn to throughout her wedded journey. Be available and attentive to all of the above (and more). Offer copious amounts of emotional and logistical support, listen, laugh and pull out all bounds of energetic. It will take a huge amount of pressure off the bride knowing that you are one step ahead and happily working together with not just her but all those by her side.

Cluney Photo via Style me Pretty

Image Credits:

Feature image, Bridesmaids: Clayton Austin via Style Me Pretty
Maid of Honour and Bride: Cluney Photo via Style Me Pretty


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